Development and Innovation of Plastic Bag-making Machine

Aug. 17, 2021

China's packaging machinery industry began to develop in the last century, to the 1990s into a period of rapid development. At present, has basically formed a complete industrial system. With the increasing demand for plastic packaging bags in the food and beverage industry, the production of plastic packaging bags has developed rapidly. Packaging bags continue to update and further develop domestic and international markets.



The emergence of plastic composite bag packaging, so that bottles, cans, pots and other forms of liquid food (beverage) into a revolutionary innovation era of plastic bag packaging applications. Beverage using plastic bags packaging, not only easy to carry, easy to use, and storage and logistics costs than glass bottles, PVC plastic bottles, PET plastic bottles, cans and other cheap packaging. The recycling or use of waste is also more convenient, safer and more environmentally friendly than bottles, cans, jars, etc., with low processing costs. In addition to cola and other carbonated beverages, juice drinks, dairy drinks, plastic composite bag packaging in Europe and the United States and other economically developed countries and regions have long been popular. Plastic bag packaging of liquid food mainly soy sauce, vinegar, wine, liquor, bulk fresh beer, dairy products, beverages, etc..

Plastic bag-making machine is a variety of plastic film bags for processing to meet a variety of packaging requirements. There are many types of plastic bag making machines, such as T-shirt bag making machine, flat bag making machine, roll bag making machine, garbage bag making machine, side seal bag making machine, three side seal bag making machine, middle seal bag making machine, etc. China's bag-making machine has been produced for more than 30 years, the requirements are increasingly high to meet the needs of different materials and different uses.

1. Composition

Bag-making machine is mainly composed of conveying device, transmission device, bag-making device, bag receiving device, bag dividing device, electric control system.

2. Action 

The basic action of the bag-making machine: mechanical transmission, high-temperature heat sealing; fixed-length cutting; bag issued; counting; hot book into a stack; optical detection color code, control bag length.

Auxiliary actions and other requirements: adjust the bag length, bag-making speed, welding knife temperature; the right amount of bag film supply guide device to maintain the supply of film force; eliminate static electricity; blower bag; collect bags into stacks of output; stop at a fixed height, easy to wear the film; die-cut handle, recycling waste, etc.



Bag-making machine from simple to complex, from monochrome bags to color bags; from single-row, single-layer to multi-row, multi-layer development; from cylindrical film bags to composite multi-layer film bags, more and more patterns. Microelectronics technology to replace the traditional photoelectric control technology is the inevitable trend of the bag-making machine. Therefore, the development of new bag-making machine must be combined with electromechanical, efforts to increase and improve the advanced electrical equipment.

We need to change the situation of low technology content as soon as possible, the development and production of large sets of equipment and high efficiency, low consumption, production and sales of high-tech products, the development of suitable packaging equipment. Combined with national conditions to accelerate the renewal of packaging machinery.

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