Bag Making Machines: Common Problems And Answers

Aug. 04, 2021

The bag making machine is a machine for making various plastic packaging or composite packaging bags of other materials. Its processing range is a variety of plastic or other material packaging bags of different sizes and thicknesses. Of course, many problems will arise during the use of the bag making machine. This article is here to help you clear away those troubles about the malfunction of the bag making machine.

Full-automatic Four-roll Feeder Double Lines Cold Cutting T-shirt Bag Making Machine

1.What caused the spring of the flat machine to break?

If the self-adhesive strip is not stuck in place and curled into the spring, the spring will break. Be sure to stick the self-adhesive strips well during operation. Another reason is that the material is not neat or stuffed into the rubber roller, causing the spring to break.

2.What should I do if there are big differences between the two sides of the banding?   

It is necessary to adjust the aluminum pressing roller to press on both sides of the sealing edge to avoid this situation.

3.Why do the self-adhesive strips often stick to the conveyor belt?
The self-adhesive position of the rectify deviation Machine needs to be debugged, and the electric eye must be placed in the self-adhesive position to correct the deviation to prevent position shifting.

Automatic Draw Tape Bag-on-rolling Making Machine With Coreless

4. What is the reason why there are burrs on the OPP edge or the explosion-proof edge will rotten?

The heat knife and the suction arm are not adjusted properly. The normal situation is that the heat knife cuts down to 2 cm, and the suction arm sends the material out.

5.What to do if the length of the finished product cut by the sealing machine is different ?    

The compression spring is not tight, which causes the rubber roller to slip, or the clamp behind the splint is too tight. It needs to be adjusted properly.

6.What to do if the flat machine is blocked at the cold cutting knife
This situation is caused by too strong electrons in the bag. Use a rubber band to stick a small piece of paper on the screw of the knife beam, and squeeze the bag out while cutting out the bag.

Two Layer Cold Cutting Flat Bag Making Machine.jpg

7.The new machine has not been used for long, why do not cut off the thin composite film with the cutter, or do not cut off somewhere?
This situation may be caused by the fact that the upper knife beam slider has been running in for a period of time, resulting in too large a gap between the slider and the copper pad block, which will cause the cutting knife can not cut off the bags. The top seam (M6 inner corner) of the copper pad block can be adjusted until the upper knife beam slider cannot be moved by hand, but it cannot be adjusted too tightly. When starting to cut 15-20 sheets per minute, the upper knife beam did not vibrate significantly to prove that the tightness of the gap was just right. In addition, the spring pressure of the upper knife beam can be adjusted.

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